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Pfaff Fringe Presser Foot

Pfaff Fringe Presser Foot

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Use the Fringe Presser Foot to create loop embroidery as if by magic. It‘s a whimsical effect that looks especially good on terry cloth or velvet.

1. Mark your desired pattern with a fabric marking pen.
2. Place a piece of stabilizer under the fabric.
3. Set the upper thread tension to 2 - 3 (loosen the tension until no bobbin thread comes to the surface).
4. Select a zigzag stitch. Length 0.5 to 1.0. Sew the stitches row by row. For circles, work from the outside in.
5. When using heavier threads, you should select a slightly longer stitch length. Sew a test sample first.
6. When finished, pull the work carefully from the machine by holding the last loops. If you pull too quickly, you will pull the end loops flat/tight.
7. Knot the beginning and end threads on the reverse side. Use seam sealant to prevent loops from being pulled.

TIP: This foot can be used to create tailor tacks.

Caution: Stitch width not to exceed 6 mm, but not narrower than 2.5 mm.